Downtown Malifaux (Test Drive)

Malifaux – I had a chance to test drive this board Tuesday night at RIW. My first impression is that it needs more stuff. I have to create buildings designed to fit on the board, as generic stuff doesn't quite fit right or block enough. The stairs worked fine as most models could move up or down them with a single walk action.

Choosing your deployment area is a big deal with this board as some crews are going to benefit from having the high ground. I don't see this as an issue as choosing a deployment zone should be a very important part of any game. Speaking of high ground, I don't think there is enough yet once the other buildings are added with balconies and scafolding  I think it will approach what my vision is for the city.

On a related note we had a visitor from the UK stop by for our Tuesday Tussles at RIW in Livonia MI. It was nice to meet a Henchman(Clousseau from the Wyrd boards) from across the pond and pick his brain about how events work in the UK.