Busy like a YellowJacket

MERCS – I've had some time to work on my second MERCS crew. To me the  CCC are more or less the generic "hero" faction in the game. They're really solid all around and seem to be more forgiving tactically than the other factions. I picked them up at the same time as my KemVar with a special deal on the MERCS site.

I've found that anytime you want to get your playgroup into a new game you have to pick up at least two of the factions. If you don't odds are you're not going to have anybody to play with, unless the game turns out to be a surprise hit that takes off (or has a long standing following). 

I decided to paint my CCC in a scheme close to what it pictured in the book. This is partially because I've always wanted to do a yellow "army", and partially because I really like having "official" schemes with a game that is just starting to gain a following. 

To begin I assembled and cleaned up all the models. The MERCS miniatures don't have terrible mold lines like some models but with this group I did come across quite of bit of flash. Mostly it seems to be from channels on the thinner bits. I than pinned the models to my "Imported from Detroit" base set. Given the home base of the CCC an urban base set seemed to be the best choice. After the glue dried I primed them using Duplacolor Black Primer. I've really grown found of this primer as it comes in several colors and goes on smooth, I've also never had an issue with it fuzzing up.

To block in the color I use Adeptus Battle Gray and Iyanden Darksun foundation paints. I really like the coverage these provide. They do require some thinning as out of the pot I find them to be far to thick. I then used Baal red as a wash on the yellow to bring out the detail. From here it's just a matter of picking out all the details and working up the highlights.

To create the Asphalt on the bases I used a dark gray, dry brushed with a light gray and washed with two coats of black wash. The shells were picked put with copper, washed with Devlan Mud and highlighted with gold. If you'd like to pick up your own set of these bases they're available in the online store.