Assault Troops

Warhammer 40K – I've been working on some Assault Troops with out jump packs. These models will serve as troops when I decide to use the Blood Angel Codex as well as when I choose to field Tyberious as he allows tactical squads to swap their bolter for chainswords and pistols.

To give them a hardened veteran feel I'm using the Maxmini steam knight heads. I really like the look of the heads and wish I had picked up more of them. I've been trying to give each marine in my force a unique look so that they stand out as heroic individuals rather that cookie cutter power armor guys.

Using a mix of the available bits I combined some of the Khorne Bezerker torsos that have ammo straps. I also used several parts from the commander sprue. 

Having run out of my GW purple ink I've been experimenting with a suitable replacement. The Leviathan purple wash is nice but I'm having a hard time replicating the deep purple hue the old ink gave. I recently picked up some of the Reaper purple ink and it's closer but not quite the same. I think I'm going to have to use a combination of the two to achieve the desired effect.