Spirited Away

Malifaux – Earlier this month I participated in a Malifaux Tournament and won "Best Sportmanship" which was pretty cool as I don't often get to participate as I'm usually running the events locally. I think I came in around 4th overall and had a blast. The prize was my choice of any of the small boxes, so I chose Snow Storm.

I really like the look of the model and I think it could potentially add quite a bit to my Kirai crew. Creating Ice Pillars, pushing models and providing a much needed tank are just a few of the options I see using the model. Eventually I might break down I pick up a 'tina crew of my own but right now I'm happy to add the Graverobbing (really why not a single ability deals with corpses?) Spirit of Chill to my Three Kingdoms Spirits.

Opening up the kit the first thing I noticed is it is a hybrid kit consisting of the large model in resin and the antlers and child as metal parts. Looking at the resin I'm starting to think the material is prone to issues (excessive flash, nasty mold lines etc) and it might just be an industry wide issue. Some of the mold lines on the legs are really deep, almost like the mold wasn't aligned properly and the fur along the arms and head has some weird flash that requires a bit of patience to remove.

After cleaning up the kit I pinned everything in place. I stuck both models on a temporary base to paint them. At the same time I cast up a clear base to mount them to. [TIP: Urethane Resin hates humidity, if you're having issues with excessive bubbling buy a dehumidifier.] 

I really don't like the two-tone studio paint job so I decided to stick with a monochromatic scheme for my Snowstorm. Luckily I had quite a bit of the custom colors I mixed for my Legion of Everblight models left over. I started with a baby blue base, followed by a blue wash. Next step was to lighten the flesh until I got the cold ghostly feel I was looking for. The child was painted similarly to the way I painted Rasputina a few posts back.

Overall I'm happy with my progress so far and will add some snow to the base to tie it all together.