Song of Fire and Ice

Malifaux – My experiments with clear resin have finally come to fruition. I finished up my Snowstorm and have made enough Ice Pillars to get through a game with him. 

I've also gotten a technique for doing clear flame wall/growing fire tokens. Painting them with ink mixed with clear varnish makes a realistic looking flame. By adding a LED light to the token it glows and looks pretty good. The lights I've been playing around with were ok but I found some flickering tea lights that create the perfect glow for flame effects.

Of course the mechanism with the switch was far to large for my existing flame markers so I sculpted a new taller version that actually looks more like a raging fire than the previous version.

After casting the clear flame with a urethane resin I dremmeled out the bottom of the base to insert the dissected LED tealight. With that super-glued in place I began painted the flame with the ink mixture detailed above. Once that's done it's just a matter of sealing them again to tone down the gloss. I'll probably offer these up in my online store once I have a quantity built up, but the time a materials to create these is significantly more than the simple plaster versions so the price will be a bit higher.