Malifaux – Recently I began building tokens and markers for all the special events and encounter scenarios for Malifaux.  The easiest to produce are dynamite counters and treasure counters. These were easy enough to build using the Hirst Arts molds I had on-hand. In the same mold is also a sack that looks close enough to be a Bag of Soulstones. These can double as evidence counters.. 

The other big token I needed to create was a Supply Wagon. Most every model I found was to large to fit on a 50mm base. So I molded my own parts to create a wagon. I think they turned out pretty good, and I made several versions. It's good to have more than one for special scenarios as well as having multiples of all the tokens for events I run. Players tend to appreciate nice table and tokens, instead of generic terrain with pennies or blank bases.

I also built some 50mm column/well tokens. These fit two special scenarios that will be featured in the mini-league I'm running. These are fairly simple carved foam pillars with some green stuff detailing to bring it all together. I like these as they also can fit multiple markers needed for the game.