Malifaux – Recently I began building tokens and markers for all the special events and encounter scenarios for Malifaux.  The easiest to produce are dynamite counters and treasure counters. These were easy enough to build using the Hirst Arts molds I had on-hand. In the same mold is also a sack that looks close enough to be a Bag of Soulstones. These can double as evidence counters.. 

The other big token I needed to create was a Supply Wagon. Most every model I found was to large to fit on a 50mm base. So I molded my own parts to create a wagon. I think they turned out pretty good, and I made several versions. It's good to have more than one for special scenarios as well as having multiples of all the tokens for events I run. Players tend to appreciate nice table and tokens, instead of generic terrain with pennies or blank bases.

I also built some 50mm column/well tokens. These fit two special scenarios that will be featured in the mini-league I'm running. These are fairly simple carved foam pillars with some green stuff detailing to bring it all together. I like these as they also can fit multiple markers needed for the game.


TNT and dynamite ...

Malifaux – I've create a few tokens for Malifaux per a clients request. In order we have, (5) dynamite markers, (2) treasure markers, (1) bag of soulstones.

Fairly simple, but having a specific model or token for any of the tasks helps to make every game feel different. However these can also be used for some other things as well, evidence counters maybe?

RIW Tournament Update – Sharing the Love

I just finished up designing the pins that will be awarded at the Feb 5th event I'm hosting as RIW Hobbies in Livonia. I think they're a fun play on the "I Love New York" logo. From my experience players enjoy having some type of take-away that says they won an event. So I try to create a unique pin for each event I run. 

The pins are created by printing this pdf onto inkjet shrinky-dink paper. Once the pins have been shrunk I attach pinbacks (you can get these at any arts and crafts store) and seal them with an acrylic spray.

Save the Date – Feb 5, 2011

Since this is a Valetine's Day Themed event, there will be a special rule in effect for the entire day.

Each board will have a fixed strategy and special event/terrain.

At the beginning of each round the TO will flip a card from the top of a deck. If the card is a heart/ram or a joker than the following rule will be in effect for the duration of the round.

Love is in the Air

Models attacking a model of the opposite sex receive a negative twist on CB duels, models attacking a model of the same sex receive a positive twist on CB duels. Constructs are sexless and neither rule applies to them.


Badges, buttons or something

So I've been working on sculpting some badges for the different factions. The plan is to use them as prize support for events. Once I finish the original I'll make mold of them so I can cast them out of resin and affix some type of pin or magnetic clasp to them. I'm going to make them look like aged brass using an antiquing rub.

The basic shapes were cut out of Sculpty and baked until hard. I'm using Milliput to sculpt the raised portions of the designs. So far the Neverborn and Ressurectionist ones have the basic shapes finished. Now it's just a matter of smoothing them out and cleaning up the details.