Review - CMON: Super Dungeon Explore Battlefoam Bag

Super Dungeon Explore – So since I'm pretty into this game it bummed me out to open my box and find that Starfire's wing snapped off. Unfortunately, there's really not a good way to store him in the plastic tray included in the game box. Combine that with the fact that I plan on painting all the models, I needed to find a storage solution. First I looked at the Battlefoam tray inserts for the game box, while these looked cool they really only fit the base game and as such would be quickly outdated. The reviews and photos I found online of the trays in action also discouraged me as they protrude from the box and puts a ton of strain on the box lid. (why they didn't just do a standard box top baffles me).

Next up I looked at pluck foam trays to fit in my existing Sabol Bags. My problem with these is I already own a ton of them and can never remember which models go in the trays. Since I have display cabinets, I like to have my models out to look at when not in use. Trays and bags are usually only used when I need to pack stuff up to travel. (Note: having game night at your house means you don't have to pack stuff often) Not thrilled about the proposition of more trays I can't remember what goes in what meant this was not an option either.

So I started looking for a new bag just to hold this game. Lo and behold Battlefoam makes CMON branded bags. With Relic Knights on the horizon and Dark Age nagging at my interest I figured this would be a good purchase. Was I right, read on to find out.

Just like all Battlefoam bags the case is built to take a beating. Nylon fabric with and hard plastic liner means this bag can take a hit. The stitching looks pretty tight and the strap has a nice heavy plastic handle. (Hoping the seams don't pop like on my Malifaux Bag.) This bag also features a full length zipper system. Which means you can unzip it and easily remove the trays, on more then occasion I damaged a model trying to force the trays into my Mark One Sabol Army Transport, so this feature was appreciated. There are a decent amount of pouches on the outside to store random bits and the Super Dungeon Rulebook fits nicely in the outside pocket. Like most of the bags I've seen or owned from Battlefoam the construction is pretty top notch. There are some minor issues with the stiching and loose threads.

Battlefoam uses a rigid foam for their bags. This holds it's shape well but some people complain it damages their paint jobs. (I'm guessing they didn't properly prime and seal the minis ... but that's just speculation) I personally like it the trays don't flop when you hold them one handed which means it's unlikely you'll accidentally tip your minis on the floor. The bag comes with custom cut foam which is supposed to fit all the models from the base game and the expansion. Since all the minis come pegged for assembly the should all be exactly the same right? Not the case either I found some way to assemble my dragon wrong or the foam wasn't cut to the right shape. In either case trying to wiggle the damn thing into the spot snapped off the wing. To rectify the situation I carved deeper into the slot where the wing is supposed to fit and recessed it. This made the dragon fit a bit better into the "custom slot"  I had to print the images from their website to see where the rest of the models are supposed to fit because it's not really self explanatory. 

The bag has some flaws but overall it seems like it will work for what I need it to. First up is the lack of a Super Dungeon Velcro Patch, the other bags come with a patch for their respective brands (including a game that's not out til May...WTF) but this one didn't. Not a huge deal and it's noted on the site when you order, but still a fail as there's no where to get a patch for this unless you make your own. (Yes I will probably make my own...) Second while it states on the site that the game tiles don't fit in the bag I was hoping to be able to at least get the lootimeter to fit. No such luck. If the bag was an inch or two wider and taller they could easily fit the boards in there. Third while the pouches on the outside are cool it would be better it if they fit an Ultraprobox or one of those Fantasy Flight card boxes, since ALL the cards don't fit in the slot on the tray when sleeved up. The heroes and monsters fit ok but the rest have no where to go.

Final Thoughts:
The bag is going to hold my minis just fine and keep them safe. It's solid and hopefully I'll be able to use it for some of my Relic Knights when they come out. I am disappointed however as the bag feels like a money grab from Battle Foam. It feels like they took a standard bag and called it custom. A few minor tweaks to the bag would have made it hold ALL the game components perfectly with room to expand as the game grows. Instead you get a bag that holds foam cut to the basic shapes of the SDE minis with pockets and pouches that don't make sense for the game.

If you compare the product shots from Battlefoam's site with the shots I took you can see where the discrepancies lie. It just bums me out that the second "branded game specific" bag I've bought from them still doesn't cater to the needs of the specific game it's branded for. Instead it feels more like Fruity Ohs with a Fruit Loops Label taped over the name.

As a follow up my Malifaux bag is beging to spilt at the seams. I've had it for about two years and take it with me to a weekly game night. I've never flown with it or put it through any abuse so this is a bit of a bummer. We'll see how this bag holds up.