Sixth Edition 40K - Serious Fun

Warhammer 40K – I've been slowly working 40K back into my regular gaming schedule. So far I'm pretty happy with this edition of the game. After getting over the insane price of entry (not really applicable to those of us that have been collecting forever) and the gigantic rulebook, I really like what they've done with the game. 

I like the story driven elements and secondary objectives it brings more to the game than just straight up kill everything or grab and hold objectives. The warlord traits are ok, but most of the time they're irrelevant to the game. The changes to vehicles make it riskier to run a fully mechanized list, however I own a ton of tanks and will keep using them. I have switched from rhinos to razorbacks to get some extra firepower but other wise I'm using the same lists from 5th edition. 

Recently I played a game against Tyranids and was able to bring out my Land Raider Achilles and Thunderfire cannon. Combined with a Master of the Forge on a bike with a Conversion Beamer and two squads of marines with plasma cannons, with an Assault Cannon Razorback and a Heavy Flamer Razorback I had a boat load of templates to lay down. Suffice to say the bugs didn't really do much before they were slaughtered. We called the game after 3 turns as there wasn't much left with the bugs fog slogging across the table.

After the game my opponent realizes his Genestealers have "Dormant" as a special rule which means he didn't have to walk across the table. Instead they pop out of a terrain feature. Kind of a big deal, which would have made a world of difference as they would have been in combat fairly quickly.

The game is fun and so long as I'm playing one on one or 4 player teams (2 per side as allies). I really need to get more of the company I built painted to completion, right now everything is at 3 color minimum with a few squads done to completion.