On the painting table ... 3+ Goodness

Warhammer 40K – So I'm getting back into the swing of painting my company of Space Marines. The last time I got the bug I was able to assemble and entire companies worth of marines as well as numerous optional attachments. However when it came time to paint them up I got three colors of base coat on them and lost interest (seeing a trend here?) After playing a few games of sixth I pulled out my marines to see where I stand on getting them completed.

So far I have fully painted, based, sealed and felted:


Chaplain on Bike

Kasaro Khan on Bike (doubles as Bike Squad Sergent and Librarian on Bike)

Close enough to done to count


Pedro Cantor 


Tactical Squad 7 - 10 marines with Missle Launcher and Flamer 

Tactical Squad 3 - 10 marines with Missle Launcher and Flamer  


Assault Squad Sword - 10 marines with 3 plasma pistols 

Assault Squad Arrow - 10 marines with 2 plasma pistols and thunder hammer

Bike Squad - 3 Marines with Attack Bike  


5 Terminators

Sternguard Veteran - 10 man squad 


Dreadnaught with all weapon options 

So as you can see from this list I have 2 devastator squads, 4 tactical squads and the associated transports to finish up before the company is done. Just a wee bit of work.

Like many marine players I know, I keep a composition book full of lists that I can build from my collection at various point levels. Currently I really like to build 750 lists as this allows me to mix and match to suit my mood at 1500 points or to easily have my half of a list ready for a team game. Rather than set a year end goal I'm never going to make I decided instead to try and finish up my current favorite units that seem to make it into every list.

Land Raider Achilles – This ridiculously expensive piece of machinery is by far my favorite variant. Having multimeltas and a mobile thunderfire cannon is to cool to not use. Add in the special rules that make is almost invulnerable and you have a force to be reckoned with. Since picking up the Badab War books this is my second favorite model to put on the table (yes Tyberos with his lightning claw chainfists is the first).

This vehicle is my first priority to finish up. I really just need to do the purple highlights and the other detail work before I can apply the transfers and seal this bad boy up.

Next up on my list is my Master of the Forge on a bike with a conversion beamer. Again a mobile gun platform is to cool to not use. I love the conversion I did to build this model and really need to finish up the paint job. Mostly this is just some highlights and detail work. Should be easy enough to wrap up before the end of the year. I also need to paint up his base, I'm using the wasteland bases from Dragon Forge with a scroll added to the front front each models name. the large attack bike base is just right to fit my quad driving techmarine.

Finally I need to finish up my Thunderfire cannon and 2 razorback/rhinos for my troops. Once these few units are done I will have a solid force completely painted that I can run sixth edition games with. Hopefully I don't lose interest again before and I'll have these done before seventh edition.