On the painting table ...

After a several month hiatus I was able to get my painting table set back up again. Although I have several projects in various states of completion I wanted to start fresh with a few models that have been waiting in the wings for a long time.

Currently I'm reading The Gildar Rift, which is a Warhammer 40K novel that deals with the Tyrant of Badab, Huron Blackheart. I'm enjoying the book and have always liked that character, and if the rumours on the internet are to be believed we might get a Chaos Book worth playing later this year. So I dug through my collection of unpainted 40K models to find Huron Blackheart and Lucious the Eternal. Both models I picked up prior to the Finecast mess, so they're still metal.

I began with putting down some base colors and washing the entire model. I've found with character models like this with so much detail it helps me to be able to pick out what's going on with the model. For example, the Blackheart model has a ton of "combat damage" and strange breaks in the armor as well as tons of odd pipes and cables. By washing over the model with the basic tone I can see more clearly what things are. This is particularly helpful in picking out the details on the model. After doing this however I realized he's missing his thumb, hopefully I'll be able to find it or a suitable replacement so I can continue with the model.

Determined to actually get some painting done the next model I pulled out was Lucious the Eternal. I began with a hot pink base coat and washed the entire model with purple. As the wash was drying I realized why I never bothered to paint this model. He was my favorite character in the third edition book and I had built my own version. When this was released I picked it up right away, put it together primed it and put it back in the box. The model is just plain ugly. The whip points straight out there's no implied motion, and the whole thing feels bulky and fat.

Dismayed by my luck so far, I put together and primed Troll Potion. This is a special CMON model that I plan to use as a Desperate Merc for Malifaux. The model is all one piece with minimal flash, so clean-up was breeze. After the primer had dried I went about blocking in my base colors. I'm a big fan of green and black, and try to work this into most of the models I use with my Resserectionist forces. Being as I'll probably use her with Seamus I went with red hair and pale skin. 

Given the obstacles and set-up time I'm pretty happy with the progress I was able to make back at the table again. Hopefully the next session will go a bit smoother and I'll have real progress to show.