Crewing a Rogue Trader Vessel

Rogue Trader – I recently spent some time creating models for my upcoming Rogue Trader Campaign. While it's not necessary to have miniatures to represent the crew and the various NPCs they might encounter, I think it will add to the experience. I also might reuse the models if I can convince my group to try out Inquisimunda. I've been following this thread in the background for a long time and think the idea of playing Necromunda with characters you generate like a RPG sounds like a ton of fun. Of course you have to have a group in the right mindset and someone to act as a GM, but it might be the natural progression of the game I'm running.

Digging through my bits box I was able to find some suitable bits and pieces to make some characters. I've found the Empire Range from GW has plenty to work with for the base of these types of characters. I also have a hefty collection of Necromunda models that I could draw from to build what I need.

First up is the Navigator, I used the Empire Battle wizard as a base and added a different head and some other techy bits. I'm happy with the results so far and need to do quite a bit more work on the paint job. Blue is the color typically associate with psykers in the 40K universe so I stuck with the traditional scheme.

Next is the Void Master, this was just a simple weapon swap with the Underhive Scum model. I've always liked the character of the model, just looking at him you can easily imagine how his life took a downward turn. He seems to have just enough of a mean streak to make an effective Voidmaster.

The Arch-Militant was also a simple head and weapon swap. I used the old model of Iron Hand Straken and snipped off the head and plasma pistol. The replacement head is from the Empire Flagellates set. The player who created the character insists on playing an insane raging psychopath, so I figured given him an iron mask made sense. That way he can bite anybody.

For the Seneschal I used the old Imperial Missionary Body and swapped out the arms and backpack. For this character I see him as running errands for the captain and keeping track of the shipping dockets. Rather than doing a data slate I thought a book was more characterful. I positioned the arm so It looks like he's running and firing behind him.

The fiery Missionary was interesting to build. I used the Flagellate body as a base and added a flamer and the book I snipped off another model. I like how creepy the final model looks, definitely not someone you want to get in discussion about the merits of Xenos tech with.

I also made a generic Voidfarer model. I imagine this will be an NPC that sets the seeds of each adventure in motion. I used a Tau body for the suit and added a grizzled head with an ancient looking gun. Holding a map seems to be the best way to start a quest so that's what he's holding.

I still have to find some models for the Rogue Trader, Explorator and some rivals but I might find more inspiration in my bitz box.