Let's Pretend!

Rogue Trader – I've finally read through the full rulebook and am preparing to GM for the first time. In preparation I've listened to numerous play sessions and have read through the various prepared adventures. I'm hoping the game will run smoothly, but I'm a bit nervous about my player group and them jumping to far from the story. Making stuff up on the fly shouldn't be to hard but I really want to use all the material I have.

The other night I got the group together to build their characters. I really like the origin path system as it easily gives the characters a backstory. I had the players start with their career and work backwards. Most of the players just did what sounded cool without reading the stat modifiers. It was easy to do as a group because I could just read off the modifiers after everyone drew their path.

After everyone was done with the basic character stats we have: Rogue Trader, noble born from a failing Dynasty; an Explorator on the run form the law; a trigger happy Navigator; a Seneshal manservant; an angry imperial guard deserter as the Voidmaster; a xenophobic Missionary; and a bat-shit crazy Ex-Militant. 

This should be fun. If you want to learn more about the system check out this link.