On the painting table ... Kemvar

MERCS – After prepping my station, I sat down and evaluated the Kemvar minis I have to finish. This projects is pretty simple because most of the base colors and shading have already been laid out when I was supper geeked about this game last year. Of course I just got them into table top condition so I could use them. 

Now that I'm not carting around the models back and forth to the game store I want to get them into a final state. During the transport they experienced some minor wear since I don't seal unfinished models. 

Step one is to touch up any bare areas with some brush on primer. Even with minor repairs if you don't put down primer the paint doesn't adhere properly and you'll be fixing the same problem down the road. Years of experience have taught me to do it right the first time.

Luckily there wasn't much repair work needed for these so I could jump right into doing the final details and highlights. 

After the paint dried on the final details I finished the bases. For these models I used my 30mm Rock Bases after adding some flock and vegetation I feel like these are a good representation of the jungles in Brazil. For MERCS I decided to based each faction based on their location on the Globe. Usually I like to keep my bases consistent throughout a line (ie skull bases for all Helldorado, desert bases for 40K to match my primary table etc) but for this game I think unique bases for each Megacon makes more sense.