Happy New Year!

After a grueling week and a half of holiday parties and celebrations it's nice to sit back take a breath and think about my plans for the new year. 

Bring on the resolutions!

Before I begin, resolutions are typically broken with the first six weeks of the new year. I'm not going to waste time resolving to do things that I'm not going to be able to do. Also I think this list should be five items or less.

ONE: I resolve to improve and expand my line of resin bases. I was lucky enough to get a pressure pot and vacuum pump for Christmas so I plan on refreshing my molds and casting under pressure. This should allow my to be more efficient and have less wasted materials due to bad bubbles. I'd like to add a few more sets to my offerings to really round out what I have. My current sets were just made to fit a personal need for my own models but I've gotten several requests to add some other styles which I think I'll attempt this year.

In the same vein I'm going to recast my ice pillar and flame counters so I can cast them under pressure. I think this may improve the overall look of the clear resin. We'll see how that goes...

TWO: Finish a project before I start a new one. Long time readers can probably attest to my OCD/ADD when it comes to projects. I get an idea in my head and get excited, start something big and then lose interest or start something else halfway through the project. I'm going to make a concerted effort to not do that with my personal projects this year. I can't really help if commissions come through to distract me but with my own stuff until the sealer is dry, I'm not going to start something new.

THREE: Kickstarter, hmmm what can I say. Last year their were a ton of cool projects that came up. I went a little overboard and should be getting a ton of cool stuff in 2013. I suppose it will be a bit like a second Christmas when they finally arrive. (God I hope they arrive before Christmas '13). I resolve to try and avoid backing anything new until my stuff is delivered.

FOUR: Reign in my hobby. It's hard when you do a hobby blog as you feel the need to get everything new and shiny to review and discuss. But really if I don't like something I probably shouldn't review it. I think most hobbyist tend to own more stuff than they can ever possibly use, but I really want to pair down my collections so I'm actually playing with my toys rather than boxing them up.

FIVE: TBD. I said it was a top five so I need to think on this one. Stay tuned for a follow up post once I make up my mind.