Safe Haven ... Defenses in 40K

Warhammer 40,000 – In sixth edition you are able to buy and bring your own defenses. While I find it slightly odd that two forces could erect a Bastion during the heat of a battle so near to the enemy; it is cool that you're guaranteed being able to use your fancy terrain and be sure you're not caught out in the open.

When Planetstrike was released I looked at the kits and decided to pass. While the rules were fun only a few player in my group at the time had enough models of the right types to field the special army lists for Planet Strike. With the terrain I had at the time it didn't make sense to buy a landing pad, defense lines and bunkers so it was a no go for me.

Now that sixth edition has reinvigorated my groups interest in 40K I decided to look at getting an Imperial Strongpoint. After wining both my Fantasy Football Leagues, my mind was made up to invest in this box of terrain. For about $100 you get two bunkers, 3 defense lines, 3 quad guns, 2 lascannons and 2 comm stations. This is a decent amount of stuff that can cover a pretty solid surface area on a table. 

As always the kits are detailed and easy to assemble. The price is higher than some comparable stuff but fits the aesthetic of the game system better. As with the other GW kits I've put together there isn't a ton of space for models to stand on the terrain, so interaction is fairly limited. Essentially you're paying for a pretty box to take up space on the battlefield. I'm happy with my choice, but others would be less enthused.