Night Lords – Nightmarish List 100PL/2000Pts

Night Lords – Nightmarish List 100PL/2000Pts

Warhammer 40,000 – As part of my resolutions for the new year I decided to pick a solid list for each of the factions I own and stick with it until I get the hang of what the list can do. At the end of seventh edition I dipped my toe back into the Chaos soup and started a Night Lords force that was supposed to be very focused on a few formations. While it did very well in the new edition those formations didn't translate so well. You can get a similar effect spending command points on stratagems and building your core force as an Outrider Detachment but it's not exactly the same. 

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Happy New Year - What's on tap for 2015?

Year-End Wrap Up – Time flies when you're having fun. It's hard to believe another year is in the books. 2014 saw the delivery of several big kickstarters which have left me flooded with stuff to paint (Relic Knights, Deadzone, Bug Hunt Corridors, Dreadball Extreme, Zombicide). There are also quite a few that have been delayed (Kingdom Death, Forgotten King, Reaper Bones II) which I'm actually a little glad for since finding time to get this stuff done has been a challenge this year.

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New Year – New Resolutions (or let's try this again)

Random – Happy New Year! Once again with the new year it's time for some new resolutions. I didn't do so hot with mine last year other than limiting my "new" hobby purchases and "cleaning" out my game room. I'm still working on the later and slowly ebaying away stuff that doesn't interest me anymore and getting it into the hands of someone who does.

Anyway on to the resolutions:

1.) FINISH THEM! – I swear this is going to be the year that I get these damn marines done. I have everything in place to make this happen I just need to make time to get them done. I'm relooking at how I'm going to go about dividing them up as the ten man tactical squads seem to have forced me to stagnate on the project. I might just try and get all the vehicles and bikes done first and then move on to the marines. In the meantime I'm not going to put anything on the table that isn't complete, I'm hoping that this handicap will encourage me to focus on my own stuff.

2.) Near Future City – This is so close to done I can taste it. With the cold weather my airbrushing activities are severely limited but I'm going to get all the detail work done on this and have them primed so as soon as warm weather hits I can get these final few buildings finished. 

3.) Super Dungeon Explore – I love this game. I resolve to get the models for the game painted and play at least 5 times this year. In a related resolution I plan on getting all the chibi stuff on have painted and assembled. If I can get more than 5 games of the standard games in I'll look at writing some house rules for the chibi stuff. 

4.) Judge Dredd – This game fell by the wayside after a few sessions. I'm not exactly sure why ... it seems that right around the time it was catching on my group started fixating on 40K again. I have several gangs that are in tabletop shape and I have some others that are in the works. By midsummer I resolve to run a 4 week campaign of this game with fully painted minis on the Near Future Board.

5.) Zombicide – This game is fun but I've yet to play more than a single mission of the core game. With all the expansions in my possesion I feel I need to play this my resolution is to play at least one mission from each expansion before the end of the year.

6.) Malifaux – I need to figure out what I want to do in regards to this game. I love the models, setting etc. But I don't know that I want to invest in a new edition ... my hesitation is due to the fact that no one I know plays the game anymore. Since I don't have time for Henchmaning at the moment there's no organized play in my area that I know of ... so I'm left with the decision to hold onto it and hope things change or sell it off and write it off like I did Warmachine/Hordes. I resolve to make a decision before the end of the year.

7.) Helldorado – I'm not as heavily invested in this game but it falls in a similar category to Malifaux. Great game, cool rules, great background however there's not a ton of interest with my current gaming group in this game. The few guys that invested in it haven't been able to play regularly so it hovers in a limbo. I resolve to get at least 2 games in with this this year.

8.) Deadzone – With the kickstarter in hand I have some work to do. I resolve before the end of the year to get this assembled painted and play at least 4 games.

9.) Relic Knights – IF this delivers before the end of next year I resolve to get my factions assembled and to play at least 4 games. I'm hoping the final rules will be multiplayer friendly (or at least easy to house rule) as my best chance of getting these games in is to play some 4 player games.

10.) Kingdom Death: Monster – I'm hoping there are no further delays on this. IF it delivers in Q2 as planned I want to get the survivors assembled as well as the monsters in the core game so I can play a game or two of this before the end of 2014.

So there you have it my 10 gaming resolutions for 2014. Some might be a bit over ambitious and some might be a little under ambitious, but I feel that if I put my mind to it I can make this stuff happen in 2014. 

What are your gaming goals for 2014? Please share in the comments section below.

FINISH THEM! .... fail

Warhammer 40,000Twilight Ravens Completed Chapter Project Status Update: no where near completion. I made some huge strides in getting this done but ultimately I didn't get it done. It's a bit of a bummer for me as I was really hoping to get this done this year so I could focus on some new stuff. 

In addition the amount of stuff I have to paint just increased pretty dramatically with an influx of Christmas goodies I now have (6) drop pods, (1) landspeeder, (2) Squads of "Iron Hand" cyber marines, (3) more Centurions, and some Vanguard Vets that will need to be assembled and painted. I think with this influx I can play almost any combination of units available in the Space Marine Codex or at least one of almost every entry. The only thing I'm missing are the anti-aircraft rhinos which I'm not sold on as of yet due to a lack of aircraft in the games I've played.

That said I did complete a ton of stuff including (3) Space Marine Armies, (1) Imperial Guard and a bunch of Malifaux crews this year. It just turns out none of it was my own stuff.

Have some fun and go through the sidebar and see what I did each month and what I posted. It's like having a year in review at your fingertips anytime you want.

Lost in the Warp ... Shiny Syndrome

You may have noticed lately my blog has been all over the place. (Well probably more than just lately ...) I think I may have a problem. Many of you may have the same problem ad you may or may not have realized that you're suffering from it yet. I believe I may have a terminal case of Shiny Syndrome.

As with any problem Step One is admitting you have a problem. I've realized I very rarely complete a project. I'm constantly distracted by a new idea or a new shiney thing and I neglect to finish my own projects. This isn't really a problem when I'm doing commissions as I have a true deadline as well as a "reward" for finishing what I working on. However when it comes to my own personal projects my deadline is really "when I have time". I also have this annoying habit of getting things to a "playable state". This means getting the base colors down on a unit so I can play with them and not feel self conscious about having bare minis on the table. The problem with this method is it becomes a vicious circle where I never have the drive to paint my own stuff to completion as it's "good enough" for this weeks game. 

My other problem is getting distracted by this week's new hotness. Anytime a new game comes out or I listen to a positive review on a game I start obsessing about it. Reading everything I can until I get to the point where I MUST own it. Sometimes this works out for the best and the game becomes a staple that I can bring out regularly and get games in with a variety of opponents. Other times I pick up everything and can never convince anyone to try out the game (Resident Evil Deck Building game I'm looking at you). 

With the advent of Kickstarter and crowdfunding this problem has only increased. Especially with the games that get over funded to the point where you look at the cost and simple "can't refuse" a deal that good. So you go all in and wait. And wait. And wait. Eventually a giant box of stuff arrives at your door and the feeling of being overwhelmed sets in. Why did you buy this when you still haven't finished the piles of stuff filling up your game room.


Now that I've identified I have a problem, step two is coming up with a solution. The easy answer would be pick up the pace and get it done. The problem is getting it done will never happen if Shiny Stuff keeps stealing my attention. So the answer becomes a bit more complicated.

Step Two Phase One: First and foremost I need to swear off Kickstarter. While the deals can be amazing the amount of work each one will entail once I have it in hand is ridiculous. Hopefully barring any further delays I'll have Relic Knights, Deadzone and Kingdom Death in hand by Christmas. That alone is a couple hundred additional models I'll need to paint and assemble. Having just received the Chibi Dungeon stuff I'm already overwhelm with just trying to clean them up and assemble them. Hopefully the other stuff I'm expecting with be cleaner and easier to assemble but even if they are it's a ton of stuff. As my mother-in-law like to say, "You'll go broke on a good deal."  With Kickstarter this can't be more true, the time investment is huge even though the monetary investment isn't.

Step Two Phase Two: Admit your limitations. While I might have a cool new idea several times a week there's no way I have the time to bring every idea to completion. Accepting this fact and focusing on the best ideas that will be most relevant to my limited hobby time is key to getting this in check. The second part of this is accepting that I have limited hobby time. As an adult with family and work obligations the amount of time I have to play games is limited, which means I can't play every game I want to. This one is really hard because so many things interest me. But if I can allocate my time to a handful of projects and complete them I'll feel more accomplished and less overwhelmed.

Gone 'til November ... Let's hear it for plan B

So my original plans for a summer of crazy over the top anime action are now on hold. While I can't honestly say I'm surprised, the disappointment is still there. I'm not sure why so many of the Relic Knight backers are as irate about the delay as they are (Sodapop has a pretty terrible track record for hitting any date, but the end product typically lives up to the hype and is worth the wait). My hope is the delay is going to result in an amazing game with amazing models. 

Kickstarter is an interesting animal. Not a single project I've backed in the last year and a half has delivered on time. Some have partial deliveries with the stretch goals being massively delayed while others essentially have thrown the dates out the window. I feel like as a backer I can't really complain as the whole concept is about risk and reward to get something made that otherwise wouldn't be possible. However the whole process has left me a little jaded and I'm at the point now where I feel like I can just wait until a game actually release and I can read reviews before picking it up. Limited edition and exclusive stuff takes time to produce and while it's cool and I like every other fan boy out there love to have exclusive stuff; it really doesn't justify the excessive delays in producing and delivering the core product. In the effort to be transparent future kickstarters should offer to ship the core product by the estimated date and ship any stretch goals/extras at a later date. They should figure this into the costs and ultimately will have less disgruntled backers.

Companies that use Kickstarter as a marketing tool need to rethink that strategy. Especially when the rest of you marketing strategy revolves around conventions to get the word out about your product. These companies face the dilemma we've seen several times with some high profile Kickstarter projects: All the extras have caused a delay in your production schedule, shipping the core product separately is a logistical nightmare and will incur higher costs than you planned for, you can get some product to show off/sell at conventions shipped in via plane, to make the game successful you need to get the general public buying ASAP. As a company in the business of making money what do you do? We all know and have seen the answer to that question and as a backer it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If I preordered a product I should have it before the public does, right? The question then comes up is backing a Kickstarter project really just a preorder, or is it something else? If its something else, "Why u mad bro?"

Based on the estimated delivery dates of the projects I've backed I had a pretty full plate beginning in May and taking me through the end of the year. (Reaper Bones, Evil Baby Orphanage, Relic Knights, Impact Chibi, Kingdom Death) However it seems like realistically most of those are going to be closer to Christmas delivery if not early 2014. As such I have a massive opening on my project list.

So what do I do now? The answer my friend is simple. Suck it up and work on the massive backlog of stuff I already own.

Malifaux – Earlier this week I took and inventory of the unpainted unassembled models I own for this game. Honestly their is a ton of stuff, I've put most of it on hold because most of my table time with the game involves demos. Which honestly only requires two small crews that best show off the basic game mechanics (Seamus and Lady Justice). So one option I have is to tear through the back log and get everything painted. This seems like a solid plan as it will also allow me to down size my collection a bit by selling off painted crews to further expand the local community I've been building. It seems half the guys that pick this up after demos later contact me about painting their crews. It's a rather odd dynamic that I attribute to card players picking up the game.

In the cue: Gremlins, Dark Debts, Masters of the Path, Relic Hunters, Zoraida box, Perdita box, Freikorps, Limited Edition Models, a slew of Ressurrectionist models, a few Guild Models and some Neverborn.

MERCS – I have a few Megacons to finish painting, and a few that I haven't picked up yet. Part of the problem I have with this system is finding opponents. Anyone that I shown the game likes it, but most don't feel a strong desire to pick up yet another system. As such if I want to play I'm supplying everything needed to play and "reteaching" the game most of the time. I really want to finish these up and eventually pick up the rest of the Megacons I don't yet own just be be able and push playing the campaign on my playgroup.

In the cue: Keizai Waza, CCC, USCR.

Judge Dredd – This is going to be a hard sell to my gaming group. Essentially it plays very similar to Necromunda with variations that in my opinion make the game run smoother. But when I bring it up the universal response is, "Why don't we just play Necromunda?" I put this in the unlikely to see any major tabletime but I want to paint the models and update some of my Necromunda models to fit in with the look and feel of MegaCity One.

In the cue: Justice Department, Holocaust Judges and various Necromunda Gangs.

Warhammer 40,000 – Well this gets table time more often than the projects listed above, limited as it may be due to time constraints. I still have my "FINISH THEM!" goal of painting all my Space Marine Models prior to years end. However after the two massive commission projects I'm a little burnt out on power armor at the moment. I've yet to get my Daemons on the table to see if I have any desire to see that project through to completion, once I do this could be an option.

In the cue: Twilight Ravens Space Marines, Slaanesh Daemons

Hell Dorado – I have three playable companies all near completion, unfortunately it's another one of those games that doesn't have a whole lot of interest in my regular group. For the most part these are done, I have some minor details to pick out and gore to apply to the bases. I'd like to get these done prior to the second books release (based on the trend detailed above I'm guessing I have a ton of time).

In the cue: Westerners, Demons, Sarrisons

Board Games – It seems more often than not my weekday gaming session has been featuring board games and card games. Most of them are easy to set up and play in a few hours and can easily accommodate odd numbers of players. This is probably the most sensible option to bump up in the cue as I'll get the most use out of finishing up these little projects. My problem with that is if I'm working on models until they're done the game probably won't get table time due to fear of messing up the unsealed paint jobs.

In the cue: Super Dungeon Explore (base game and expansions), Zombicide (not sure these need paint), Incursion (unlikely to see table time unless there's just two of us)

Terrain Projects – I've put most of these on hold lately as it's difficult to get things set up and make progress during my limited hobby time. Mostly because with small models I can set up my paint table in the family room and watch TV with my wife and daughter after my son goes to sleep. With terrain projects I really have to work in the garage or basement studio. During the winter working in the garage doesn't work as its 1.) to cold most of the time and 2.) garages are for cars especially in the winter. I have a few project I'm interested in finishing up and a few that have lost my interest at the moment. With the weather warming up it's likely I'll be able to resume work on some of this stuff.

In the cue: Near Future Board (cityscape for MERCS, Judge Dredd etc.), Doctrine Library(for Relic Knights), Hell Board (Hell Dorado, so close to done I can taste it), Downtown Malifaux (ideal project to try air brushing, need to finish details before I can paint).

So looking at that list what I am I most likely to fill the gaps in my cue with while I patiently await all the new games I invested in? 

I'm most excited about the Near Future terrain project. I have a bunch of ideas that I want to start getting on paper to begin the project. I've already found a bunch of cars to fill the streets and have begun painting the Zuzzy mat and containers I've been casting. Looking at the huge influx of laser cut mdf terrain on the market now I feel I can probably do something similar with foam and save a bunch of money. (Not time of course because details like what you get in those kits takes a huge amount of time.) I feel this project will offer me the best pay off once it's completed. I'll be able to use it for multiple systems and most importantly I'll be able to use it for our annual Halloween game. 

For standard painting projects I'm going to focus on Malifaux for a bit. I love the game and models, each one is unique and keeps the process of painting them interesting. Once I've made some progress here, I'll refocus on getting the 40K stuff done. Because honestly I've been working on them on and off since 2003 so what's a few more months.


Happy New Year!

After a grueling week and a half of holiday parties and celebrations it's nice to sit back take a breath and think about my plans for the new year. 

Bring on the resolutions!

Before I begin, resolutions are typically broken with the first six weeks of the new year. I'm not going to waste time resolving to do things that I'm not going to be able to do. Also I think this list should be five items or less.

ONE: I resolve to improve and expand my line of resin bases. I was lucky enough to get a pressure pot and vacuum pump for Christmas so I plan on refreshing my molds and casting under pressure. This should allow my to be more efficient and have less wasted materials due to bad bubbles. I'd like to add a few more sets to my offerings to really round out what I have. My current sets were just made to fit a personal need for my own models but I've gotten several requests to add some other styles which I think I'll attempt this year.

In the same vein I'm going to recast my ice pillar and flame counters so I can cast them under pressure. I think this may improve the overall look of the clear resin. We'll see how that goes...

TWO: Finish a project before I start a new one. Long time readers can probably attest to my OCD/ADD when it comes to projects. I get an idea in my head and get excited, start something big and then lose interest or start something else halfway through the project. I'm going to make a concerted effort to not do that with my personal projects this year. I can't really help if commissions come through to distract me but with my own stuff until the sealer is dry, I'm not going to start something new.

THREE: Kickstarter, hmmm what can I say. Last year their were a ton of cool projects that came up. I went a little overboard and should be getting a ton of cool stuff in 2013. I suppose it will be a bit like a second Christmas when they finally arrive. (God I hope they arrive before Christmas '13). I resolve to try and avoid backing anything new until my stuff is delivered.

FOUR: Reign in my hobby. It's hard when you do a hobby blog as you feel the need to get everything new and shiny to review and discuss. But really if I don't like something I probably shouldn't review it. I think most hobbyist tend to own more stuff than they can ever possibly use, but I really want to pair down my collections so I'm actually playing with my toys rather than boxing them up.

FIVE: TBD. I said it was a top five so I need to think on this one. Stay tuned for a follow up post once I make up my mind.

Year End Wrap Up - What I did and didn't finish

This is the time of year when everybody and their brother is doing a year end recap. While I could do like every other blogger and talk about the rise of Kickstarter and its impact on gaming, or the move to plastic by many smaller companies, new editons of old favorites and what not; I'm not going to go there. I addressed most of these at some point during the year and if you're really interested in my thoughts on them, please check the calendar on the left of your screen or use the nifty search box.

Instead I'd like to talk about myself (well not really I'm not that self absorbed). This year I've managed to keep up with a fairly sizable amount of hobby projects and I'm pretty impressed with my progress. Given that I have a one year old running around and have to limit my hobby time to when he's sleeping or hanging out with mom I think I did a pretty good job moving these projects forward. Halfway through the year I did this post to recap my personal projects stuck in limbo

Lets see how I did, here are the projects that I planned on finishing:

Downtown Malifaux – Took a back seat to other projects. I have all the components ready to go I just need to glue it all together. I'm hoping to have more progress to share first quarter 2013. Also I still don't have all my models completed yet. I've done a good job getting the Guild models I demo with finished up and have made some progress on my Resurectionists. 

Heldorado – Unfortunately this game hasn't caught on which means little motivation for me to finish this board. Most of my models are painted and there's only a few I need to pick up to be able to play the lists I want. Maybe interest will pick up again when they launch the Kickstarter for the second book. I signed up for their "demo guy program" but honestly there is so little interest in the game locally that I can't get anyone to stock it. Which is a shame because it's really fun. Next on my list of stuff to do for this is to make custom stat cards with ALL the rules for a model on them. Looking up every key word is a pain in the ass, so I figure I could do oversized cards for each model make them easier to read and generally improve upon the aspect of the game I like least.

MERCS – I completed Sefadu, Kevar and USCR. My Waza and CCC are nearly complete. I didn't make any progress on the terrain I have planned but this is something I really want to get done. I'm hoping to pick up a few odds and ends that can populate a 2'x3' board with themed terrain. My goal for finishing the dockyards hasn't come to fruition, however friends keep buying up my shipping containers. I want to relook at my mold to see if I can improve upon the joins to simplify the construction of them.

Rogue Trader/Inquisimunda - No progress. This is on the back burner (maybe off the stove for a while). While the RPG is really fun I always felt like I was fighting my players trying to move the story along. I also feel like they had far to many resources to begin the game which meant there was little challenge in any of the beginner scenarios. When I get time maybe I write my own module and move this thing forward again. With the new found interest in space marines I might attempt to run a Deathwatch game next year. Issuing orders might be a way to keep my players on track.

Incursion – Germans are assembled, Allies are yet to be acquired. Only got in three games of this over the course of the year. Hoping to bring it out again in 2013. I'm a little concerned as their forums don't seem to be that active, thinking I need to get those models soon as they might be on the way out. I don't have anything other then a nagging gut feeling to go by, but my gut has served me well in the past.

Relic Knights – While I made good progress on the library at some point I hit the wall and lost my enthusiasm for the project. I imagine it has to do with a combination of the terrible tone of the Sodapop forums and the lack of updates on the Kickstarter project. It was a pleasant surprise to see new beta rules earlier this month, but the lack of updates on the meat and potatos of the game is concerning. I'm hopping when May comes around the models are released without a hitch. Reading through their forums it sounds like Tentacle Bento was held up for quite a while and Caverns of Roxor was delayed as well (seems like a customs issue). Either way I look forward to the game as the playtest rules are tons of fun. Like my dad always says, "Patience is a virtue."

Super Dungeon Explore – Love this game. Almost done painting the base set and hoping to get Roxor soon. My 3D boards need some more detailing to make me happy but I'd count this project as almost complete. I'm looking forward to picking up the expansions next year and adding to my growing cute model collection. 

Warhammer 40K Space Marines – I made some big steps toward finishing off my company with a full chapter as the final goal. This is still in progress and I think I'm going to focus on this project for the next few months to get it done. So between commissions this site is going feature a lot of purple power armor at least until I complete the paint on what I already have built.

Warhammer 40K Daemons – Well this is a thing that I like but have little desire to play at the moment. While I'd love to say I'm going to finish this next year it's very unlikely. I do like some of the updated rules but the whole packed with a White Dwarf thing pisses me off. As I don't buy the magazine each month and finding out about an update months later means I can't get a copy for a reasonable price which equates to not having the rules easily accessible. I really wish GW would post these updates to their site so everyone can have easy access to the rules. 

Commissions – 2012 was a huge year for me commission wise. I painted several Warhammer 40K armies, a boatload of Malifaux crews, a few MERCS megacons, and a ton of terrain and game aids. With the  shear amount I had to do I don't feel so bad about not finishing my personal projects. I'm hoping the growing word of mouth advertising at local stores will continue to grow this little side business for me.

Gameroom Cleanout - I'm happy to report that with the exception of several boxes and binders of Magic cards I've successfully found a new home for a ton of hobby stuff that was just taking up space on my shelves. Of course I'm still finding random things I don't want or need anymore so be sure to keep checking that ebay link. Next year I'm going to do a spring cleaning sale with the few items that are still taking up space.


Loose ends ... someday I'll finish

As of late I've been unable to complete my hobby projects. I'm not sure if it's because I don't have the same amount of time to devote to painting and modeling or if it's because I'm not currently planning mini games on a weekly basis. I'm still doing plenty of modeling, but I'm not felling the drive to complete the projects.

The halfway mark for 2012 is rapidly approaching and I feel the need to take some time to reevaluate the hobby projects that carried over from 2011 and that I started in 2012. 

Downtown Malifaux – I started this overly ambitious project last year. After months of casting and gluing I got the base of the board done and into a playable state. However the goal is to build a set of buildings with balconies and stairway to add multiple levels to the board. In it's current state the board is playable and fun, however once the additional elements are completed it should be phenomenal.

Steps to complete:

  • Build storefront, create a mold for windows, cast railings
  • Learn to use airbrush to finish paint
  • Develop a magnet system to attach buidlings to the base (needs to allow for repositioning and has to hold buildings in place during the game.
  • Create small obstructions and stacks of crates etc. 
  • Possibly investigate lighting options
  • Finish painting and converting the train

Miscellaneous Malifaux – Being overly ambitious and under motivated I'm sitting on a ton of models that need to be painted to completion. My goal is to complete my existing Resurectionists force before the end of the year and to add just enough to my Guild force for larger demo games.


Helldorado Bloodfalls – This is another overly ambitious project that I started last year. The base is essentially done, just needing some minor highlights and a good layer of sealant. However I need to finish painting the skull piles and build additional elements for the terraforming phase of the game. 

Steps to complete:

  • Paint skull piles
  • Build small obstructions, and other elements
  • Review Terraforming Rules again, build elements to match 

Miscellaneous Helldorado – I really like this game but it seems like Cipher may have bitten off more than they can chew. There are still a ton of models that haven't be released yet and it's difficult to generate a buzz about the game without having the product available. I have a Demon and Saracen force that I want to finsh painting, if I can squeeze it in the Westerner force as well I'd be happy. For this game I think I'll hit the 200 points for a faction and be done. 


MERCS – I really like this game. Unfortunately my regular gaming group aren't fans, and the group I used to play with is just over an hour away. Currently I'm not able to swing that drive for a Tuesday game night so it seems unlikely I'll get to do much with this in the near future. 

Steps to complete:

  • Finishing painting Kemvar and CCC forces
  • Airbrush and detail Zuzzy Mat
  • Build gentleman's club for dockyard themed terrain set
  • Paint and detail shipping containers
  • Design and build modular chainlink fence system


Rogue Trader/Inquisimunda – I started building models without really having a solid purpose other than they looked cool and could be used to represent characters in the role-playing game. I still have some modeling to do to complete the building process, but I need to have a direction to go wit them before I move forward with the project. 

Steps to complete: 

  • Develop a plan for what these represent
  • Re-read the Inquisimunda mods for Necromunda, be sure I have a dedicated group
  • Prime and paint


Incursion – I built and primed the German starter force for this game. I'm planning on picking up the Allied starter at some point as well. I really like the game but as it's a two player only it very rarely gets time on the table. Which is a shame considering how much fun it is. 

Steps to complete:

  • Finish painting the Germans i have
  • Build, prime and paint the German Zombies I picked up from Mantic
  • Pick-up Allied starter


Random 40K 

Twilight Ravens – My ongoing project to complete a full company of Space Marines hasn't seen much progress. I was on a roll during the Badab War campaign we did and then interest petered off for 40K. I'm dreading the release of a new edition of the game as it tends to invalidate the choices made with the previous version. Luckily the fluff and basic configurations of Space Marines has remained fairly consistent so perhaps I'll get back into this project later this year.

Steps to complete: 

  • Paint and detail remaining squads of Marines, vehicles etc
  • Finish buildings squad leader options

Space Ship Interior – During our Badab War campaign I started building a space ship interior. I wasn't exactly sure the best way to create a functional maze and just made it up as I went along. Since it wasn't ready in time for that portion of the campaign we used my Malifaux Sewer board in it's place. Recently Forgeworld has released Zone Mortalis and it's given me new inspiration on how to do this project properly. 

Steps to complete:

  • Cut existing MDF down to 12"x12" squares
  • Reexamine the grid system to be sure it's flexible enough
  • Build new wall sections to fit Alpha, Beta and Gamma patterns

Slaanesh Daemons – This project has been on the back burner for a long time. (At one point I had them completed and won some awards at local events for best painted. Like a jackass I decided that I could do a better job and stripped them down.) I'm not a huge fan of an all daemon army as it's pretty unreliable. But the look of them is amazing on the table and I'd love to complete this project someday. Perhaps is the rumours of allies in 6th edition are true I'll be able to use my old chaos marine force again (uggh that means another huge project to finish)


Happy New Year

With a new year comes a time to reflect on what we can do better than we did in the previous year. I thought I'd take a moment to share my resolutions as it pertains to gaming.

1. I resolve to actually finish a 40K project. As I've gained and lost interest in the Warhammer 40K system I've amassed quite the collection of models, bits and kits. In the coming year I plan to see at least one of these projects through to completion. I've decided that completing my marine army will become my top priority for my painting table between commissions and special projects.

2. I resolve to help the local Malifaux community to grow. While the game initially had a huge spike in interest it has since fallen off to a dedicated core group of people. I plan on doing some special projects to give away as tournament prizes to bring back the initial hype. Also the Metro League was a success so I will attempt to run at least two (maybe three) in the coming year. Hopefully the revised rules manual and V2 cards that were recently announced will clear up any of the issues that precluded people from throwing themselves into the game. I look forward to seeing the game grow and attract new players.

3. I resolve to improve the content of this site. I really want to bring in more interviews and tactics to the site. I received a Flip for christmas and will se what I can do to bring some video content to the site. I'm not sure how interesting it will be to watch someone else paint or play games but I'll give it a shot and see how it turns out. 

Keeping it simple seems to be the smartest way to insure that I can accomplish the goals I set for myself so hopefully I'll be able to stick to them and make 2011 a great year.

Now readers I have to ask what are your resolutions?