On the painting table ... Shrouded

Warhammer 40K – On the table this week is a converted Dark Shroud to go with the Dark Angels commission I worked on earlier this year. My client realized this is a great piece to ally with his Codex: Space Marines White Scars list. He however hated the stock model and decided to build his own using some plasticard and a landspeeder storm.

he conversion turned out pretty good and he turned it over to me to slap a tabletop quality paint job on it to match the rest of his army. 

After priming the model I put down a layer of black and blocked in the other colors. Since this is tied to the Ravenwing the predominant color is black. Which is always a thrill to paint. Luckily there are enough other random bits a bobs to add some color to the model. I kept the pallet limited to gold, red, green, silver and bone so the overall feel for the model is still very dark.

Once the colors are blocked in I go over them with a wash to bring out the details and provide some shading. Once the wash is dry I go in and do a simple highlight. This three step process allows me to quickly achieve tabletop quality and keep the time I have to spend on the project within the budget of my client.