Orange Fumes ... building again

Warhammer 40K – I had some time in the workshop to myself recently and I've been able to assemble some of the plastic kits that have been begging for attention. While this does somewhat go against my FINISH THEM initiative I feel that since they are for the same army getting them assembled will count towards that project.

First up is my Chapter Master on a bike. I've had the bits to build this guy for ages but I never got around to finishing him off. With the new book I'm adjusting his weapon load out slightly but for the most part he's staying true to my original intent. Just like my Master of the Forge I wanted the Chapter Master to be mounted to a quad bike to help him stand out from the other bikes in the force. The conversion was pretty easy and similar to the one I did for the Master of the Forge.

Next up was an attack bike and several other bikes. I had planned on building an all bike list for Khan in last edition but I never really got around to it since tactical marines in transports seemed to work amazing when outflanking last edition. So they sat on the shelf. Now I think I want to try the list out eventually so putting them together took up a good part of my assembly day. A chunk of my bikers came from the Dark Vengeance box which means a bunch of icons I need to scrape of as I don't want all the Dark Angels flair on my models. Some of the wing motifs work with my Twilight Raven force but not all of them work. 

A land raider crusader complets my collection of all the codex variants, I'll probably use this to transport the Centurions once I get around to buying them. 

Finally I have been sitting on the Blood Angels Librarian Dreadnought for ages. I had plan on making a mold to company the parts I'd need to make all three variations included in the kit. However looking at the material and time investment to do so it's actually cheaper to just buy more kits. And honestly I have a Chaplain Dreadnought that works just fine for Death Company or as a Furiouso so I'm building the Librarian option. I've never been big on psykers but in this edition I think I want to try them out and doing so in a big metal can seems about right.