Building a better list ... Twilight Ravens

Warhammer 40K – Back in third edition I had an Emperor's Children Biker List that ran sonic blasters on everything. I loved that list (and really anything I could dream up from the old Chaos Codex) for the flavor and fun that it represented on the table. If I happened to get stuck playing on a table with a ton of difficult terrain that would die to the dangerous terrain tests more often than to enemy gun fire but when they got there they could summon a ton of daemonettes to gun whatever withstood the hail of firepower they could dish out.

Unfortunately every Chaos codex (barring Daemons) has been pretty crappy and most of my custom models were no longer relevant. Disenfranchised I sold off all the Chaos Marines and focused on just playing the loyalists. I figure at least they get a ton of love every edition and most of the models don't change much in function so at least I'd have something that didn't require complete shelving of the army when editions changed.

Enough history, fast forward to today. With the new space marine book the options are back(sorta). With chapter tactics you can build and have a very unique list using the exact same models with a different choice of chapter tactics. Which is a pretty cool thing one list becomes 5+ each with a unique playstyle; add in the stuff from Forgeworld and you have even more options.

With the new grav guns I realized I can mimic the play style of my old biker list using space marines and get a much reduced (yet more effective) hail of fire because of the relentless rule on bikes.

Here's the 1500 point list I've come up with:

• Chapter Master: Bike, Artificer Armor, Relic Shield, Thunder Hammer

• Master of the Forge: Bike, Conversion Beamer

• Ten man Bike Squad: Power Weapon, 2X Grav Guns, Multimelta

• Ten man Bike Squad: Power Weapon, Melta, Grav Gun, Multimelta

• Landraider Achilles

• Three man Centurion Squad: Grav Cannons, Omniscope, Hurricane Bolters