Scouting Ahead ... Dark Angels New Units

Warhammer 40,000 – Sick of green yet? Just kidding with the new book out for a little while my client has decided to add more models to his Dark Angels force. I'm honestly a little jealous of his forward thinking. He essentially has a completed force with most of the bells and whistles to match up with the new book done and thanks to me, completely painted.

Next up is a nifty troop choice. Space Marine scouts are cheap objective takers. If you can get them into cover they can harass units with their sniper rifles and divert attention from your key units to take care of the annoyance they provide. 

I also painted up a custom Belial, Deathwing Champion, Plasma Cannon Terminator and two drop pods. I'm not looking forward playing against these models as a unit of 11 terminator equipped to handle anything that doesn't scatter when they come in (on whatever turn you want) is pretty nasty.