You like the boom? Thunderfire completed.

Warhammer 40K – I like blast weapons, there's something satisfying about laying a template on the table rolling for scatter and then subtracting your BS. Especially when your BS is really good. Odds are you're going to hit a few models at minimum with each template. That said placing 4 of them is even cooler. Sure most of the time you're not killing anything because they make their armor save, but there's something about making your opponent roll a ton of saves that brings a smile to my face. (During a recent game I scored 15 wounds on a unit of 10 marines, a bad set of armour saves left two of the standing).

I've completed work on my Landraider Achilles and and just about done with my Thunderfire cannon. With these two models completed I'll have some nice heavy support options to add to my completely painted based and sealed list. 

The Thunderfire cannon is a weird model. So much of it wants to be metallic silver that it doesn't really feel like you've done much to paint it. I went in and added a bunch of bronze components just to add some interest areas to the model. Of course once the washes and highlights are applied the general look is mostly silver metallic. The Techmarine gunner has the same issue, just tons of metallic parts that don't make sense to do in any other color. Coupled with the "Mechanicus wear red" the model looks a little odd to me. But I'm trying to keep my home-brew chapter as codex adherent as possible so I make sacrifices to my design sensibilities to fit with the existing cannon.

I'm still on the fence as to whether I should base this or not. I have something it will fit on and I think the base would add stability and durability if I need to transport it much. I'm probably going to to use one of the attack bike bases to complete this gun.