Ravens for the Win!

Warhammer 40,000 – I'm really excited to see the Ravens in the Superbowl this year, hopefully they'll pull out a win. Many moons ago they were the inspiration for the color scheme of my home-brew chapter. When I started these Space Marines I was primarily a Chaos player with so many options in the 3rd edition Chaos book most everyone I knew had a Chaos army so the local meta was skewed. I picked up a Sisters of Battle army and decided to pair them up with a Raven Guard force based on the Chapter Approved rules for them. At the time I thought this was brilliant as they were a good foil for the bulk of Chaos players. At that time I wanted to do a home-brew as I was tired of painting black. Of course those rules disappeared with the advent of 4th Edition and they weren't as viable so they sat on the shelf while I began looking into Warmachine and began selling off my plethora of 40K models.

Fast forward to the release of 5th edition. My local group got excited about 40K again and I decided to focus on Codex Marines as my primary army. Up until this point I rarely played the good guys in any system but was disenfranchised with the sudden up and down swings in the quality of other codexes. Figuring marines always get the best toys and updates it seemed like the best choice for an evergreen army. I got some really great deals on Mega Force boxes and picked up a ton of sprues at a local bitz swap. After assembling a solid force I realized I still had a ton of models and began work on putting together a full company. Not long after my local group bored of 40K again and the models went back on the shelf.

After the release of the Badab War books from Forge World my local group ran a few mini campaigns and I began work on the Twilight Ravens yet again. Shortly after interest petered out again and they went back to the shelf.

If you haven't notice a pattern yet, you will. Warhammer 6th Edition released this year, my group is once again excited so the Ravens are flying again. I've dubbed this project, "FINISH THEM!" as I feel an aggressive urge to complete the project. 

This week I've just about completed a special tactical squad armed with dual close combat weapons. These can serve double duty as troops for Blood Angels or when Tyberous leads my force, as well as Assault Marines without jump packs for standard codex marines. I initially built these in 2011, and left them after basecoating the models.