Vindication ... The end is nigh

Warhammer 40,000 – It sounds like I'm near the end of this Dark Angels commission. It's been a fun ride and I've impressed myself by painting two full Space Marine armies in a few months time. As this project winds down I'm going to have a little time to continue work on my own company. One of my favorite things about doing commission work is finding quicker and easier ways of painting that will get you the same or similar results.

This time around I'm working on a Vindicator. This heavy choice is ideal for situations where you face lots of deep striking units or 3+ saves. I never have much luck with it but I've seen others use it on the table for devastating results. Imagine your rhino gets blown up but a lucky shot then the squad stuck in the crater proceeds to take a direct hit by this massive template cannon. Most of the time that means you've lost that squad. (Of course when I use one in my own lists it always scatters to far to make up it's points).

Painting on this one is just like the rest of the "regular" Dark Angels troops. A Orkhide base coat followed with a green wash and edge highlighting completes the green sections. The metallic bits are painted gunmetal, washed black and edge highlighted with silver. To keep the red weapon casing theme in tact I painted the gun cowl the same as the line troopers bolters.

My client said he's going to have a Razorback to round off the force and then will be done with it for a while. He's looking into doing a Blood Angel biker force next which sounds pretty cool and should have a pretty low model count, once he gets it wrapped up I anticipate it making its way to my painting table in the future.