Clawing Out ... Terminators as Troops?

Warhammer 40,000 – Part of the goal for my personal Space Marine army is to have the flexibility to play whatever I want while still maintaining the look and feel of my own chapter. Typically I do this by modifying the special characters I want to use and making them fit my general aesthetic or convert/scratch build something that mimics the character I want to represent.

When the Badab War books came out along with the model for Tyberous, chapter master of the Carcharodons (aka space sharks) I knew this was something I'd want to play. However I refuse to start another army so he is being implemented into my existing force as my Master of the Fleet. To accompany him I had to make a squad or two of "assault marine" minus jumppacks to take advantage of his special rules as well as the "Red Brethren" a squad of Lightening Claw armed Assault Terminators that count as troops.

As part of my "FINISH THEM!" initiative I'm been working on putting the final touches on this squad as well as a standard issue Black Reach Dreadnaught. (Yes that right I still have unpainted stuff from the last starter box)

Painting purple is interesting and it took me a while to get my mix right. I used to based the whole model in a grape color and wash it with purple ink. From there I'd go in and add a mid tone purple and them an extreme edge highlight. I've found that using the Leviathan Purple wash saves me the step of going back in to repaint the mid tone. The wash has the benefit of not being shiny like the inks where. At this point I have some models with the ink and some I did with the wash and it's pretty hard to tell them apart once they're sealed.