Eye in the Sky ... Storm Talon

Warhammer 40,000 – Over the weekend I had some time to put together a few plastic kits I've had lying around for a while. First up were two Storm Talons for my Space Marine army. I haven't picked up the revised rules for flyers (and honestly I doubt I will a new codex is probably on the horizon...) However based on the pdf i have from the White Dwarf they seem to be a reasonable investment for the Fast Attack slot. 

Being able to escort a reserve unit into play can bring a nice 1-2 punch and I've been working on some lists featuring Khan that take advantage of Out Flank. 

The kits are easy to assemble just like most of the plastice kits GW puts out. I was a little bummed at how small the model is when put together (it's slightly larger than a lans speeder) but over-all its a cool kit with a nifty roatating engine housing.

Of note when assembling the kit you may want to paint the cockpit ahead of time, I chose not to and am dreading going in to paint all the little lights and screens. Luckily the cockpit glass will obscure theses details so it's not going to be a huge deal if the interior is a little sloppy. Also of note is the printed instructions for the optional weapon systems are numbered incorrectly. If you want to use the heavy bolters or lascannons there is a separate weapons housing that fits the batteries/ammo box. In the instructions it tells you to use the same parts for all three options.

I really hate the GW flying stands. The "X" shape of the acrylic catches the light from multiple angles and as such doesn't disappear into the battle field. I've opted to use the 1/2" flying stands from Dragon Forge Designs as the solid rod disappears better and seems to be a more stable option. The connecting widget that comes with the stand doesn't fit on the Storm Talon very well, however a little sniping and sanding and it fits nicely on the bottom of the cockpit and looks a little like the bottom thrusters.