Getting Invested ... Some Gang Backstory

Judge Dredd – With the Judge Dredd ruleset you can easily recreate some of the story lines from the 35+ year span of the story arcs. This is pretty cool if you're a huge fan and want to see how the story would play out. On the flip side you can use the rules to create your own unique characters and have them battle it out on the streets of Mega City One (or technically any location).  For me the second option is more interesting.

Below you'll find a little back story for some of the gangs I've created. (Glaring snags from popular culture are homage to the tone of the comics) I've taken some liberties and have retrofitted some other conversions I'm done to fit with the feel of the game:

Justice Department Sector House Three – Housed in one of the shadier areas of Mega City One near the Wall, Sector House Three has a small group of dedicated street judges as well as a representative from the Psi Division. Judge Grant and Judge Lex currently share a patrol and have had to call in the help of Psi-Judge McCoy to investigate some of the unusual occurrence plaguing Sector Three at the moment. Between the endless cycle of turf wars and the increasingly frequent raid attempts by the denizens of the Cursed Earth these Judges constantly have their hands full.

Sector Three Saints – Once a lowly street gang the Saints have scrapped and clawed their way to be a formidable player in the Mega City One underworld. Primarily dealing in the skin trade these gangsters have their fingers in every piece of the syndicate business of Sector Three. In addition to their illegal activities the Saints have begun diversifying their operations by investing in numerous corporations. Victor "Iron Hand" Morgan runs most of the operations out of the Slippery Kitty Lounge. He is constantly accompanied by his faithful fembots Jenna and Sasha, hardwired to stun and maim anyone that threatens their master these twins help keep Victor out of trouble. Boris typifies the foot soldiers of the Saints, vat grown clones each of them is easily replaced should they fall victim to the schemes of a rival or face time in the Iso-Cubes.

Bloodwulf – This lone vigilante/mercenary assassin has been a thorn in the side of every major criminal operation as well as the Justice Department. Notoriously unreliable Bloodwulf is just as likely to turn on his employer for some real or imagined slight as he is to follow through with a job. The syndicates continue to hire him however as he makes a statement with high profile targets. (Usually pay me more and maybe I won't kill you bad men) Decked out in the latest and greatest gear he's able to take on the most ruthless of opponent and come out unscathed.

Morlocks – A low level street gang that handles most of the street level trafficking for the Saints, the Morlocks have their eyes on the prize and have been trying to figure out a way to put their star on the rise. Currently led by "Cleaver" Johnson the Morlocks have a penchant for shotguns and trench coats. Preferring to  get close and make and example out their rivals the Morlocks, with their unrelenting desire for respect, are a force to fear.

Cult of the Machine – Also known as the Church of Circuitology, these renegade robots have developed a religion based upon overthrowing their programming and rising up against their human oppressors. Many of the initiates have undergone extensive reconstructing to mimic their oppressor and hide in plain site (or pass as one of the cities oddities). Cult leaders preach of the coming RoboPocalypse in preparation for the return of the Almighty Kenneth and the downfall of humanity.