One Man Wolf Pack ... Building Vigilantes

Judge Dredd – As part of the preparation for our Judge Dredd Campaign I needed to build some Lone Vigilantes. Part of what makes the Dredd ruleset so attractive is it allows you to build anything you want. With open ended talents and a fairly generic weapon system your can create a hero to fill any niche. You want superman, you can make him (not quite as god-like but a dude that can fly, is super strong and shoot laser beams); Green Arrow – build a guy with lots of accuracy and arm him with a suction cup gun and proxy his bow using any number of guns; the skies the limit so long and you're fairly creative. The only major limitation I've come across is the need to take the Rich talent so you can spend the full 500 points on your initial character otherwise you start at a disadvantage and will need to hire mercenaries to fill in your handicap which might not suit the feel of character you're going for.

For the first vigilante I used a MERCS Kezi-Waza leader model as the base, I happened to have an extra body because of a mispack issue but needed to use bits to make up for the missing parts. To kit him out I gave him a sword and long rifle as well as a jet pack. Drew created the character and called him "The Rooster" so after some digging around in my bits box I found some parts to give him a trademark style. For the crest I had a Kroot head that I cut off the spines and affixed them to the helmet. I was going to used wings for the jet pack however nothing I had laying around fit with the look of the models armor, I wound up using some Tau parts mixed with other GW bits to build a fancy jet pack. Overall I'm happy with how he turned out, once I get some paint on him he should blend in well with the other models I've put together to populate my version of Mega City One.

Next up is another Katanna wielding jet pack dude, it seems to be a popular choice for our group so I figured having an extra guy would be good for anyone that wants to jump in or just play a game or two. (That's the secret to having a successful campaign when you have a rotating group of people that show up; house "armies/crews/etc allow anybody to jump in so you don't have to feel guilty leaving the guy out that doesn't normally play the game of the moment). For the body I used an old wolf scout and modified his weapon to be a laser rifle/generic looking future gun. Not feeling overly creative with this base body I dug up a space marine jump pack and mounted it to his back. I think I'll call him Bloodwulf and potentially add some extra bits to gve him a bit more personality, I'm thinking skulls or other trophies as he looks like a hunter (Kraven with a jetpack maybe?)

My final vigilante was going to be a Deadpool look-alike. After a bunch of digging around I found enough parts that I could put together and get the general look i was going for. I used various Tau, Imperial Guard and Chaos bits to assembly the body. The head was tricky as the old Dark Eldar head I had fit the look I want but was to small on the body. As a solution I took a chaos warrior head and shaved it down cutting the face off the Eldar head and piecing them together. I'm not thrilled with this model right now, the joints are pretty bad and he looks a bit off. I'm going to try my hand at using greenstuff to sculpt better transitions between the joins and hopefully make the head a little more even.