Don't Fence Me In ... Near Future Progress

Terrain – Plugging away at my near future board I began work on the truck depot/shipping yard. I love containers as them make easily transportable terrain that can realistically be arranged in a variety of layouts to create interesting battlefields. They also provide a plausable area to be fighting over, i.e. this thing we all want is in one of these cargo containers. 

Other than the containers the only major element for the section of the yard I want to build is a chainlink fence. I've seen this done several different ways, some use granny grate, onion bags, screen material, or toule. Each method has its own merit but for my purposes I think granny grate is going to work the best for my purposes. 

They make granny grate in several sizes, I like to used the smaller grate as deck material or industrial walkways, the larger size looks better for fencing.

I started with a balsa wood frame work and built the sections to be 6"-8" long I feel making them this way I'll be able to rearrange the fencing to accommodate various scenarios and layouts. One of the things I've learned over the years is that flexibility is the way to go. Spending hours on a large fixed terrain piece can yield some stunning results however when it's all said and done that larger fixed terrain piece becomes a hindrance as it will only fit in some  areas and will have a major impact on whatever game it is featured in. (Or on the flip side it will be avoided in any game it's featured in because it's difficult to navigate or any number of other reasons.)

In addition to the straight fence sections I will need to add a gate at some point as well, and with the gate I'll need some type of guard shack/check point. Right now I'm going to avoid that as I can set up this layout so only a portion of the dockyard/shipping depot is featured on the board.