Paving the Way - City Block Painting

Terrain Making – I seem to be getting better with the airbrush, after the primer dried on the 3x3 city board I went in and air brushed the city streets and the the blocks. The trick is to apply the paint in layers starting with the darkest and then building up to get a smooth transition between colors. 

Once that dried I masked off the yellow lines and crosswalks with masking tape. I painted them with a brush using some GW Foundation paint as I wanted one coat coverage. I then went in a painted the grates with a gun-metal metallic. They still need some weathering but I'm happy with the general look of the base.

As I waited for this to dry I built the walls for the buildings that will fit on the city blocks. I tried to keep them as modular as possible, however with the streets and blocks built as fixed there are really only two of three configurations that make sense. I'm ok with this as I can always use the buildings to populate a larger board and combine them with the other terrain I've already built. 

One thing I was lacking with the first sets of building were some gantries and elevated bridges. Since this set is based on a 3" grid it was easy to build some bridges that will fit multiple positions. 

Next up I need to add the geometric textures to the outside of these buildings and make a decision as to what they represent. I'm not sure if I want to add signs and names to this or keep them as more generic office/apartment buildings.