Red and Brass, ready to kick some ...

Warhammer 40K – Yes sir that's right I have another 40K commission. No guard this time around, and no imperial eagles either. I'll be painting up Chaos Marines. I'm looking forward to this job as Chaos was always my first love for 40K. The models were always so cool and fun to paint. I do have a bit of seller's remorse after parting with most of my Chaos Marines so projects like this make me happy and a little nostalgic.

Way back in third edition when I started playing the game again, I loved the Chaos Marine book, there were so many options and different ways to build your army that everyone I played with had a Chaos Marine army of some type and not a single one played the same. During this time i started painting for other people and in the span of a year I painted 9 different Chaos Marine armies and not a single one was the same color or same make up. I miss those days ... 

Anyway back to the project. First up is a test batch of a ten man squad of marines. My client really wanted to duplicate the look and feel of the art on the cover of the current codex with a deep red and brass scheme. I guess he's been doing a bunch of conversion work on various models to give them fur and cloaks (his description makes me think chaos space wolves ... but I could be wrong). 

This job is going to consist of mostly 3 color+wash paint jobs as he has a ton of models and wants to keep cost to a minimum. So all models are provided assembled, and based I'm just putting down paint.

When I start a job like this I like to do a test batch of models to make sure m clients vision matches my own. It's important to do because if you don't you can get pretty deep into a job and then find out you have to strip everything and start over because the pink you chose was to princess and not bubble gum enough (true story).

I think he's going to be giving me some cultists to test when these are done. (Of joy dirty guard! I think there's only a few hundred of them ...)