On the painting table ... Void Reaper and more

Relic Knights - I'm plugging away at the Void commission for Relic Knights. After wrestling with the assembly, I finished cleaning up and primed the models white. With all the Soda Pop stuff I prime white as it helps the colors be more vibrant. 

I based the Void Reaper and his Cypher with a foundation light grey and picked out the "yellow" areas with a brass which will become gold eventually. These models might prove to be challenging as they're primarily white but I want to create a "dirty white" look for these. After all they're supposed to be evil models so a pristine white with blue highlights isn't going to convey that in my opinion.

Sophia Drake was based with a dark grey foundation and washed with black twice to get the Black Ops color I was going for. In contrast I think the pink hair really pops.

With Amelia I based her with a light purple, grey and flesh tone and then appplied the appropriate washes to each color. I think it really brings out the detail of these models once they have some paint on them. Although the detail is still a little soft you can work around it with a bit of effort.

Next steps are to begin picking out the details and applying the first round of highlights.