Black Ops - WIP Black Diamond

Relic Knights – Moving right along here's the Black Diamond with a basic coat of paint. I'm running low on the Adeptus Battle Gray that I like to use for dark gray/black models as a base coat so I'm going to need to look into a replacement color. Again I'm pretty bummed it was discontinued as I really liked this line of paint. 

These models are by far the easiest to give a simple base coat and wash. Just by painting them grey and washing over with black they look pretty good. Anything with lots of straps, armor plates and holsters looks great with even simple wash. 

Magnus got a coat of purple with a wash to bring out his details as well. Static is such a tiny model that there doesn't seem to be much going on with it but I'm painting it the same color as Magnus's armor. Which seems to work out. After a wash you can see there is a bit more variation in the shape then I thought.

These models seem to be the most consistent across the line with the scales matching up fairly well. They're also pretty consistent and look like they all belong together. 

Again still have a ton of work to do on these before I can consider them "done" but having some color on them will make playing the game look better.

I apologize for the lighting quality on these, they were snapped on the fly after my primary light burnt out.