On the painting table ... It's a Cult

Warhammer 40,000 - I'm working on another simple tabletop commission that involves several hundred models. Obviously with the large model count my client wanted to keep things as cheap as possible, so these are going to be a basic paint and wash. Warhammer models tend to lend themselves to looking pretty good with this technique which means it's easy to crank through a ton of models and make them look consistent.

The models were provided assembled and based, and he opted out of having me clean up the mold lines so it was pretty quick to wash, prime and get painting. I go these basic colors in while watching/listening to the evening news. I've found when assembly lining like this you can't focus on the tiny details right away. It's easier to just get the basic colors blocked in and then wash and go back to pick out details and clean up any slop.