Off the painting table ... Chaos 40K force

Warhammer 40,000 – I was able to wrap up the first batch of marines and cultists for this recent three-color basic paint commission. My friend has no time or desire to paint his own force but he's tired of playing with a gray plastic army so he's asked me to paint up his stuff in the cheapest way possible while still making it look good from the distance you look at it on the tabletop.

This means I'm essentially blocking in three colors and washing the model with the right color washes to provide some shading and then going in to pick out the eyes and a few other random details. I can paint these pretty quickly and from a distance I think they look pretty decent. What really matters is my friend is thrilled and is finally starting to field a painted force. (After playing against bare plastic for the last 8+ years I'm thrilled as well).

I should be getting more of these models to slap some paint on soon. I think when it's all said and done I'll have about 80+ cultists and half as many marines to paint as well as all the vehicles and associated support elements.