Needs more Grav Cannon

Warhammer 40,000 – After playing in an apocalypse game I've decided I need to built the rest of the Centurions that I received for Christmas. I wasn't a huge fan of them at first but after seeing them strip hull points from a titan like they were a pair of pasties at the gentlemen's club. I need to have two units of them.

Three Centurions with grav cannons and a Landraider comes in at about 500 points. For apocalypse games I need to run two of these units that way I can hopefully keep them alive long enough to make a serious impact on the game. 

I decided to convert these just like the other set I built. With this set I'll set them up as a mirror image of the unit I already built. This way I have some variety and if I decide for some reason to run the assault version of them they will be close enough to count as.