On the painting table ... Stompy Robots

Warhammer 40,000 – Thump, Thump, Thump stomping onto my painting table is a "standard" Dark Angel Dreadnought. This piece should be about the end of this commission as I believe my client has just about every option he may need built and painted for this force.

It looks like he built this using a few parts from various kits. Painting Dreadnoughts is always interesting because so much of the model is gunmetal. I like painting these parts as it's really easy and looks great when it's done. I've just started blocking in the colors on this and will follow the same process as I've done in the past with these Dark Angels models.

In other stompy robot news I did have a chance to pick up and assemble one of the Knight Titans. This is a very impressive kit, however I won't go on and one about it as every other blog on the internet has already beat this one to death. It's a shame there weren't more options in the kit but for what you get it is a pretty substantial model. (Although my Reaper Cthulu is the same size and signifcantly bulkier than this and it only cost me $15 ... so your mileage may vary)

I'm working on a base to match my space marines as this particular unit will join up with them more often than not when I need access to a Rapid Fire Battle Cannon and Strength-D Close Combat option. It fills a unique hole in my forces and I'm looking forward to trying it out first hand on the tabletop soon.

I'm not sure if I'm going to opt for one of the Studio Paint Schemes on this to match up with the decals included with the kit or if I'm going to develop my own Freeblade Knight with his own backstory. With all the other stuff I need to wrap up it might be a while before I can make a decision on the paint.