Sealing the Deal - Malifaux Models Wrapped Up

Malifaux – The weather finally broke and I was able to get all of my recent Malifaux commission sealed. My client requested GW Purity Seal for the finish so I have to be very careful about the humidity levels when I'm sealing these models. (and with young children in the house I can't just spray in the basement like I used to).

Happily my patience paid off and it got cold in Michigan AGAIN which while I'm as sick as the next guy of this lousy winter – cold means dry air which means I can pop out in the garage and get some stuff sprayed. 

fter spraying these and waiting for them to dry, I busted out my trusty compass cutter to felt the bases. You can view the full project in the gallery.

Next I'll be focusing on the never ending horde of Dark Angels that seem to keep attacking my painting cue.