Water, Water Everywhere ...

Random – If you've ever had a water heater fail on you then you know my pain. Recently I came home to find my daughter complaining about no hot water in the house. Thinking the pilot light went out I made a trip down to the basement to check things out. 

Much to my dismay I heard a gushing sound and noticed a large pool of water creeping under my entertainment center and gaming table. I quickly turned off the water and began the tedious task of shop-vaccing the and toweling up the mess. 

Luckily several of my friends are handy and own trucks and tools. (Something I should probably invest in at some point, pin vices, exacto blades and dremels don't get you far with real work) After a few frantic texts and calls I was able to recruit my buddy Dan to help me out. 

After two trips to Home Depot and several trips up and down the stairs with a dolly. My home once again has hot water. The resulting mess has however caused a delay on several of the commissions I'm working on and has necessitated a reimagining of the layout in the basement to get the electronics away from the drains.