Water, Water Everywhere ...

Random – If you've ever had a water heater fail on you then you know my pain. Recently I came home to find my daughter complaining about no hot water in the house. Thinking the pilot light went out I made a trip down to the basement to check things out. 

Much to my dismay I heard a gushing sound and noticed a large pool of water creeping under my entertainment center and gaming table. I quickly turned off the water and began the tedious task of shop-vaccing the and toweling up the mess. 

Luckily several of my friends are handy and own trucks and tools. (Something I should probably invest in at some point, pin vices, exacto blades and dremels don't get you far with real work) After a few frantic texts and calls I was able to recruit my buddy Dan to help me out. 

After two trips to Home Depot and several trips up and down the stairs with a dolly. My home once again has hot water. The resulting mess has however caused a delay on several of the commissions I'm working on and has necessitated a reimagining of the layout in the basement to get the electronics away from the drains.

Fixing my Chi ...

Random – Things have been a bit crazy around the house lately. My wife has been doing some organizing of the main living spaces when she's not meeting the demands of our infant. Besides just sorting through and throwing out unneeded stuff she's been analyzing what we use the various spaces in our home for and trying to make them more functional for what we use each room for.

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Extreme Gameroom Makeover (part 4)

The end is nigh! Just about finished with the gameroom makeover. The cabinets are up. The miniature display cases need glass shelves and lights but look way better than the old cases.

Next up is to find a reasonably priced loveseat and ottoman. Since the gameroom will double as an entertainment room, we've kept added a small microwave for popcorn and what-not.

Finally the sofa and coffee table/game table were delivered and I can call this project finished. The first sofa we chose wouldn't fit down the stairs, so after looking around a bit we found a sofa that comes apart. It's pretty cool as it's essentially three chairs connected by a rail system so getting it down to the basement was a snap. The coffee table we chose has a button you push that lifts it up to standard table height and has 4 wedge shaped stools that also have storage. I think this will wind up replacing my card table for most board game nights.