On the painting table ... Ravenwing

Warhammer 40,000 – It just doesn't end, the Dark Angels just keep coming. In this batch we have the remainder of the Ravenwing contingent of his force. This consists of a bunch of bikes and a Landspeeder Typhoon. Painting the Ravenwing is one of my least favorite jobs, don't get me wrong they look amazing on the table top but painting black is difficult to make look right. It's not like you can just wash it to get a nice shade so most of the detail comes from what you do with the highlighting.

I have figured out a decent assembly line process to get these done quickly however. I line them all up on my tray and begin with black. I quickly get a smooth coat down on all the models and then go in with the red, gunmetal  and bronze to get those colors blocked in. Where applicable I also go in and paint any robes in the bone color before applying a wash to the model. I like to use Agrax Earth on the red, bronze and bone and Nuln Oil on the gunmetal portions. Then go back in a apply a quick highlight to make it shine.