Happy Memorial Day

Warhammer 40,000 – In honor of the holiday I spent some time while the kids were taking a nap to build some Sternguard Veterans. I used the finecast bits from the old Iron Hands Chapter Approved box that I've had sitting on the shelf since Christmas to make them. I figure when they aren't acting as their own squad I can use them as sergeants in my Tactical Squads to represent the Iron Hands chapter trait. 

I recently found a cool app called Battle Scribe which acts very much like Army Builder without the annual fee. Typically I use a composition book to write out my lists and build various options, but it's not always convenient to bring a hardback book, calculator and pencil with me everywhere. Having access to data files on my phone means anytime I'm stuck waiting somewhere I can pull it up and play with lists. There are some bugs, but overall it works pretty good.

Here's the list I came up with messing around for 1500 points using some new toys. (I'm sure I can do something different using Unbound rules, but this works for now)

HQ - Pedro Kantor
Troop - Scout Squad (5), Shotguns and Landspeeder Storm
Troop - Scout Squad (5)  Sniper Rifles
Elite - Sternguard (10), Powerfist Drop Pod
Elite - Sternguard (10), Storm Bolter
Fast - Stormtalon w/Typhon
Fast - Stormtalon w/Heavy Bolter
Allied Attachment - Imperial Knight Paladin