Building a Deadzone – Speed Painting

Deadzone – Recently I read a battle report for the Judge Dredd game over on the Warlord website. The photos included some of the Deadzone Terrain. Shortly after reading that report I listened to the D6G podcast that reviews Deadzone. It seems fate wants me to do something with my Deadzone stuff.

I've been swamped with other projects as of late so my well intentioned plan of painting up the four factions and terrain for Deadzone has been sitting on the back burner. Putting that terrain together and painting is just seemed to daunting of a task to approach at the moment (yeah I know Bug Hunt Corridors is still waiting for my attentions as well).

Then like lighting in a bottle the two events detailed above brought about an idea. The stuff in the warlord photos is just dry-brushed, the guys on the D6G sprayed and dry brushed their stuff while still on the sprue. Genius, I say!

When you paint and dry brush on the sprue it goes really quick. In about 15 minutes I had all my sprues dry-brushed and looking playable. Of course since that was so easy, I needed to take it to the next step, and wash they all. 

Now with terrain using a little-ass bottle of $4 wash isn't going to get you very far. I've found that using a water based wood stain can yield similar results. So I spread out my sprues and began giving them a quick wash. (Note: don't use newspaper under your stuff it makes bad things happen that result in you redoing this process)

After they've dried the end result looks well weathered and should go together well. I may need to do a second light dry-brush but I may wait until it's assembled in a configuration I like before doing that. Right now I'm happy that it's playable and I'll be able to use this for any of my games that need futuristic terrain.