Missing Hell's Belles - Making them work

Relic Knights – It sounds like all the Hell's Belles packages in the Relic Knights kickstarter were mispacked. This is a bit of a bummer and unfortunate that this game continues to be plagued with missteps on the distribution end. It sounds like Sodapop will be taking care of the missing parts issues once CMON finishing their obligation to ship the pledges to the backers.

Anyway rather than wait for them to sort it out I decided to take advantage of the special pose Malya that was included in my pledge and make a Belle Conversion. 

She wouldn't fit on the seat proper but after reading some of the story I decided that the Belles are like those dudes that ride motorcycles at the circus inside flaming steal balls and what-not. The end result is a bit Easy Rider/Penthouse looking but I think I like it better than the Belle I was missing from the pack.