Crystal Configuration Conundrum

Relic Knights – One of the key features of the Relic Knights universe is the growth of Esper Crystals. These are supposed to be running rampant across the Last Galaxy as the Darkspace Calamity approaches. In the videos I've seen from Soda Pop it looks like they use Gale Force 9's Battlefield in a Box crystals, which look pretty cool unfortunately they don't seem to be available (not to mention I want to try and save some money on this project) so I need to figure out how to make crystals.

The easiest thing to do is to carve the crystals from foam. I could probably then make a mold and cast these out of a clear resin like I do for the Ice Pillars. But I'm not sure how far I want to go with this project. Right now I need a cheap, quick and easy solution to make my terrain sets look like they fit in the Relic Knights universe.

To carve foam I use a snap blade utility knife, I've found this gives me the most flexibility and control over the knife to get the shape I want. I still have a ton of green foam left over from a project I did ages ago and to make crystals you don't really need much. 

After carving the shape I want out of the foam I glued it to an old GW Titan base and added some smaller crystals from the base inserts and some I cast from the Hirst Arts dungeon mold.

Using this method I was able to build a dozen or so crystal formations in an evening. The next step is to paint them up.