Ahoy! - Star Nebula Corsairs Building Progress

Relic Knights – My quest continues ... I've just wrapped up building the full faction of Star Nebula Corsairs from my Relic Knights Rewards Package. During the initial Kickstarter this was the faction that peaked my interest the most, I've always liked the idea of space pirates so this is right up my alley.

I started with assembling the starter box first as I had intended to try them out at my game night this week, however scheduling conflicts prevented that from happening so I'll try again next week. The starter set includes three sculpts of the basic trooper with two of them duplicated. I usually don't like that to much however they do include some extra scabbards and gun holsters so you can get a little variety. In game terms it doesn't matter because squads are treated like a single amorphous model that has some special rules. So it doesn't matter if you can tell the faceless mob apart or not. It also includes a Broadside artillery piece and Captain Harker.