Noh Diggigity - Stage Three

Relic Knights – With this commission I decided to keep track at every stage of the paint job. I think it gives a better understanding on what you can accomplish with basic techniques on the Relic Knights models.

After finishing the base coat on these I went in with washes and added the shading to the models. For reds and bronze/gold I use Aggrax Earthshade, for the purples I use Drucci Violet and for the grays and silver metals I use Nuln Oil. As you can see with these bigger models the wash really brings out the details. This will make the next stage of painting much easier.

Also at this point I did some prep work for the lava on the bases. Using a darker orange I added lines near where it would touch the rock as this is where lava cools first. next I took a lighter yellow and blended it in the central areas of the lava as that is the spot where it's hottest.