Speedy Assembly ... Putting Together Relic Knights

Relic Knights – I started putting together the Cerci Speed Circuit models and let me tell you they are very different than the Noh faction I assembled earlier this month. The models are much more delicate and as such are less than speedy to assemble. As with the other the details initially look a little soft but I'm guessing once they are assembled and primed it will sort itself out.

I began with Princess Maya and had a heck of a time figuring out how the parts went together. Even though each piece is pegged differently the casting of the pieces distorts the peg ever so slightly that it takes some effort to match them up. The flashing was also more difficult to clean up with the thin models that make up this faction. 

Moving on to the Hell's Bells it looks like I'm missing the same rider in both boxes. From what I've read online this seems to be an issue across the board so I'm hoping that Sodapop comes up with a solution. Putting the bikes together was a little tricky mostly due to how thin the riders that I do have are. I'm not a fan of the base they come with as it doesn't integrate into the base inserts very well. I might do something with some acrylic flying stands to mount these.

Betty and Lug went together like a dream. The models look really good like the concept art. Flash wasn't to bad on Lug but Betty was a bit of a chore. The Pit crew also went together easily and had minimal flash. The faces on these seem to be lacking in any detail but I'm hoping once I get some paint on them they'll look better. 

The Pace Bots are a bit if a pain to put together, they have the same issue as the Steamborg in Malifaux. Really dynamic cool looking model with hardly anything to mount it to the base. These look pretty cool but seem to vary a bit from the concept art.

Darkspace Candy and Cola are really nice. It was tricky getting the ribbons to attach properly as the plugs don't seem to line up (or rather are to loose) but I was able to get them in what I assume is the correct position. The detail on these is really good considering the material.

Suicide Queen and Rin Farah went together really nicely however the barrel on Rin's gun looks like crap. This might be a model that I try to track down the metal version. It's a shame as I was really hoping this model could make the conversion to restic well.

Finally the Royal Wrecker was the least fun model to assemble. It took a little while to figure out where all the parts went and even once I did the plugs didn't seem to be fitting snug. Eventually I did get it sorted out and the model looks pretty cool. Again the face is really soft, comparing the restic models to the metal "special edition" pose of Malya it's a big difference in quality on how the faces look.

Overall I'm pretty happy with how these models turned out, being significantly smaller they don't feel like they have the same amount of detail as the Noh models. It seems to me that this restic material is really good for big chunky things and not so great for really thin finely detailed tiny things.