101 Things To Do With Craters ... Terrain Thoughts

Terrain Building – So back in sixth edition 40K I made a crater and created a mold of it so I'd have something to represent all the exploded rhinos and other vehicles on the table top. Now seventh edition doesn't leave a crater when vehicles explode so I have to figure out something to do with all the plaster casts I made of my crater. Perhaps I can do a "101 Things to Do with Craters" series of articles.

Things to do with craters #1: Jungle Pool

The first idea I had was creating a simple water feature. By adding some pink foam it's easy to create a rocky embankment to surround the crater. I also have a ton of plastic wheat grass sheets that make a pretty convincing jungle growth area.

I use a combination of hot wire cutting and traditional razor blade carving to shape the pink foam into a rocky surface that complements the crater. This can take some time to get right. You want to be sure to carve out a space so the crater fits snuggly under the foam. Once I was happy with the shape I used hot glue to attach the foam to the crater. If there are any gaps I used a mixture of glue and the off cuts to fill them in and make it solid.

The next step is to add some gravel around the areas where the stones meet to hide the seams and make if feel more natural. I use a mixture of plaster bits from bad casts mixed with sand and kitty litter. This paints up nicely and helps with the transitions between elements as well as hiding any bad glue blobs.

It might not look like much now but once I get some paint on it, glue down the vegetation and add water effects this is going to be a cool looking jungle pool.