Lucy in the Sky with ... Black Diamond Starter

Relic Knights – I'm still cranking away at getting my Relic Knights assembled. I'm trying to get them done ASAP so I can send a complete list of missing parts over to Soda Pop to get them sorted out. It's a bit of a bummer that even though CMON is the company that took the money for this and handled the packing that I have to go to Soda Pop to get the missing parts. It's a weird dynamic that I hope winds up working for everyone involved. It still blows my mind with the amount of negativity on the kickstarter page as well as in Soda Pop's own forum. It's unfortunate as the game is really fun and the models are pretty good considering the cost of them during the kickstarter.

Anyway the Black Diamond starter was pretty straightforward to assemble. The troopers have this shield that I'm guessing fits on their shoulder (at least that's were I put it). But other that that one wonky part everything else went together fine. 

The tank seems a little odd as there is this one area that looks blank almost like it's missing a part but I can't really tell from any of the product shots because it's on the rear of the tank.

Magnus is really a cool model and I'm really happy with how he turned out, super easy to assemble with mold line that were easy to remove.

I was also able to put together the Diamondback Mech and this was a dream to assemble everything fit just right and mold lines were easy to remove. 

Overall so far these models seem to work fine in this material. I do however still have the other half of this faction to assemble.